Verb; an element providing interest and excitement.

Ravana ❇ Lavender Beds ❇ Ward 1, Plot 36

About Us

Tucked away in the Lavender Beds, a remarkable transformation has taken place. What was once a forgotten industrial loft has been reborn into an extraordinary haven of entertainment and excitement. This exceptional venue now stands as a thriving nightclub that offers a multifaceted experience, providing an escape from the ordinary and an unforgettable view of the city. Cumin and have a good Thyme with us, we're excited to see you!

The Spices

We are the Spices, a group of pals who say 'Slay' too much, can't say the word 'come' without laughing, and are always ready to have a great time together. We absolutely fell in love with going to venues, so we are proud to bring you Spice!


The heart of SPICE is its various entertainment offerings. For those feeling lucky, there's a dedicated gamba area that adds an exhilarating edge to the night. From Black Jack to Roulette, this space invites guests to try their luck, all while surrounded by the energy and excitement of the club.


The bar, adorned with gleaming bottles and a skilled mixologist, beckons guests to savor craft cocktails and a wide selection of beverages. It's a place to unwind, catch up with friends, or make new ones while sipping on artfully crafted drinks.If you would like to buyout the bar, please speak to Clove or Chai.
1 million gil per hour with discounts for multiple hours - includes a shoutout of your choosing throughout the night!


Hello Cuties, I'm Clove (She/Her), one of the radiant souls behind SPICE. I'm a huge fan of dressing up and Gposing - and seeing others do the same. ♥ I'm a Libra, so you know I'm all about balance and harmony. Don't hesitate to interpret my Libra spirit as playful flirtation! Making new friends is one of my favourite hobbies, so be sure to seek me out, give me a hug and say hello, so I can dote you 20 times. ❀ Can't wait to see y'all!


Hello! I am Chai Spice (she/her) ♥ I am a Bartender and Co-Decorator at SPICE ★
I live New Zealand with my fiance Spearmint Spice. I love playing all types of video games, reading books, and gposing.
I am so proud of the venue we have created and I hope you enjoy your time here ♥


Hi I'm Cardamom Spice (He/Him), I'm the Hard Working, Sexy Dancer Boy who likes to get pissed and sing my heart out even though he's tone deaf. Feel free to join me popping my Fantussy on the poles at SPICE! Can't wait to see all your Gposes and beautiful faces living it up with us ❤️


Hi, I'm Spearmint Spice (he/him), a Greeter/Security at SPICE.
I live New Zealand with my fiancé Chai Spice. I am an IT Manager for two Nonprofits, and enjoy some casual gaming whenever I have spare time (which is less often than I would like).
Welcome to SPICE, and don't forget to have fun.


Hey babes, I’m Ivary Spice (He/They)
I’m the spicy gamba dealer at SPICE ❤️ I love to glam, gpose, and spend all my gil at the gamba tables, and that’s normally where you’ll find me. What makes my gamba extra spicy? You’ll just have to come to the table and find out baby 😉


Hey, I'm Lana Spice (she/her)
I'm SPICE's very own DJ, also doing Gposes of y'all when I am not providing top tier bangers. IRL I am THE Audio Girl ~ multi-talented with the instruments I play. In game, I love a cheeky spot of Gamba and to RP. Don't be afraid to day hi ❤️


Hello! I am Seraph Tokoyami [He/Him] (Very Spicey)
I am the greeter and part-time bartender at SPICE♥
I hope you enjoy your stay and I am able to assist with any of your inquiries in a timely manner.
I enjoy conversations and making everyone around me feel comfortable.
Please say hello if you see me!


When Chuck Norris goes to a strip club, the strippers pay him before their performances.


♣♠ Spicy Blackjack ♦♥
Our spicy dealer will take your bet, starting from their left (100k minimum 1mil maximum)
When it's your turn, they'll roll /dice 13 for you twice.
The cards 2-10 are all worth their face value, while 11, 12, and 13 are all worth 10.
If you draw a 1, thats an Ace, which is worth 1 or 11. For example, if you roll 6 & 1 that's 7 OR 17.
The dealer will then draw their card. The aim of the game is to get as close to 21 as possible without going over, and beat the dealers number.
You can then choose to Hit (Draw another card), Stand (Keep your hand), Double Down (Double your bet and get one more card) or Split (If you drew two of the same card, double your bet and split your cards into two hands).
If you beat the dealer, you double your gil! If it's a tie, you get your bet back.
♥ Slay Roulette ♥
Our dealer will take your bet, starting from their left (100k minimum 1mil maximum)
Once all bets are placed, our dealer will let you know when to roll!
In party chat use /dice to roll the highest you can! 580+ gets 2x your bet, 950+ gets 3x your bet.
If you roll 999 that's 5x your bet!
★ Saucy Sevens ★
Our dealer will take your bet, starting from their left (100k minimum 1mil maximum)
After all bets are placed, take your guess; Above 7, Below 7 or you can guess Saucy Seven!
After you guess, our dealer will tell you when to roll /dice 6 twice (each person will roll individually)
If your guess is correct; double your bet! If you guess Saucy Seven and it lands on Seven you get 3x your bet!